Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Explaining Kung Fu as a Way of Life

If you understand the meaning of kung fu, the inside of the ingenuity that kung fu has to offer you all based on you surrounding your the way of your life. Then you can say that in general that Kung fu can be used through out your day of work, but primarily throughout your life or within every aspect of your life.

My clients pay me for what they get in skill, but they also gave me extra money to succeed because I give people responsibility and will let them know when they are wrong no matter who they are.  They respect that about me.

Kung fu is part of success.  Okay, here are a few silly examples, you drink a lot of water and every minute you go to the bathroom and flush the toilet. You did it 40 times, so now the water bill went up. You are cleaning your teeth in the morning and leave the water is running while you are cleaning your teeth, not the cold but rather for 2 minutes you have the hot water running. Okay, you see then that your water bill doubled or even tripled. How is your kung fu? It is terrible because you are wasting.  Kung Fu is about living well and living smart.  It is knowing what you are doing even in mundane tasks.   It is using your common sense and applying it to your every day actions.

Even in a more serious example such as gun safety. Now you are literally playing with death. If you make one mistake, one negligent movement or stop paying attention even just for a moment, someone can die. It could be you or someone with you who pays the ultimate price.

Kung Fu is not just martial art. It's how you live. It's how you keep living. It's what keeps you alive in all aspects of life; not just in combat.

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