Monday, October 22, 2012

A Message to the Haters

In this short discourse I will outline why it is that some people do not accept Calasanz as the most well-rounded Master of Martial Arts that he is.

There is a certain mystery that surrounds Calasanz; as one of his close students I can personally attest to that. As with anything that we do not understand, there comes a natural fear of it and immediately a barrier is raised up against that which is misunderstood, or simply not comprehended at all. This is not uncommon, and again it is in fact 100% natural. We as humans fear what we don't understand. We as humans fear what we don't comprehend. And the logical progression from there is to attack that which we fear, to eradicate it, that we might remain comfortable in our present reality without interference from the ground-breaking “unknown”. A great example of this can be seen in the history of the Catholic Church's condemnation of Copernicus and other notable Mathematicians and scientists of the same era.

People such as these were (as we say today) “ahead of their time”. In reality they were right on time, but brought something to light that the world was not yet ready for.

As people attack and question his background (which is extensive ex: he was taught Gojo Ryu by Tameyoshi Sakamoto, and Wing Chun by Moyat) they seem to forget the skill and ability they are seeing right before their very eyes. Also take heed that Martial Arts is what he does, it is the only thing he does. For him it is not a hobby or past time. It is his life's dedication. He has spent his entire life practicing, teaching, and redefining the world of Martial Arts.

Those who badmouth or talk as if they know better have not spent the hours, days, weeks, months, years that Calasanz has spent honing, refining, and developing. Most of these people have had one teacher and as such are single minded due to their lack of experience. They have not yet opened their minds to the Universe that is Martial Arts and are scared of taking in new perspectives. This is not to say that there is anything wrong, it is a simple lack of development.

As Descartes said, first you must admit you know nothing, only then can knowledge come forth and only then can true learning begin.  Instead, bring now what you have in your cup and let it become more full.  Close your eyes and take a fresh look at Calasanz. 

Written by Alan Wedell

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Quick Commentary

Here we share a comment recently received by DrRGRiveraScientist.  He himself has a great channel with wonderful eye-opening, mind-opening and relevant blurbs.  We thank him for his support and compliment him for really hitting the nail on the head with this one!!

Thanks Again Doc!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Calasanz the Guru and Why our System Produces Superior Results

Throughout the ages certain gurus have brought wisdoms with them to this planet to share with the people for the betterment of mankind. To name a few, the famous Indian guru, Ghandi. The ancient Chinese Guru Confucius. The great guru Nanak. The Dalai Lama and many more throughout the history of man.

These people in their time created great shifts in thought and being with the gifts and insights they've brought with them to such a magnitude that their impacts still reverberate today and continue to influence the world around. People such as these crop up rarely in the human population and can come from any country or culture.

Calasanz is one of these people in the modern age. He has brought with him a vast knowledge of the development of the human body and created a name on this world in the realm of martial arts as a perfect venue to demonstrate the fruits of his system and through a lifetime of dedication to extensive training in a multitude of martial systems. The system he has created and revealed to mankind is dedicated to the cultivation and ideal development of the human body for growth, improvement, and progress towards perfection within a lifetime for an individual's health and general well-being.

The Calasanz System has made its way to this planet through the cosmos and appeared here in the United States thanks to Calasanz Martinez. He has spent his entire life developing and refining his personal system of human development. This system has created some of the biggest names in Martial Sports since the 1980's and has outlasted myriad schools and even more schools of thought over the past decades which can be read about in “Calasanz: A Lifetime of Lessons”.

The uniqueness of the Calasanz system is unmatched and the superiority of it over all others has been clear since its origin and the reason is simple. The Calasanz system is universal. The Calasanz system is all encompassing. It takes everything into account, the physical body as well as the mental aspects of the human brain, and it develops these different aspects slowly, and properly towards perfection over time. 

The Calasanz System incorporates strength training, most notably core strength, and flexibility training which is stressed as a cornerstone of physical fitness and aptitude. To be able to place your legs, arms, hands, and feet in more physical spaces automatically gives you and your body more capabilities and affords you more options inside the ring, and outside during anything you participate in physically. All of the movements and exercises within the system are designed to use the body correctly according to the body's anatomical construction and body mechanics. By studying and practicing this system you will greatly enhance your bodily awareness and develop body coordination to a highly advanced degree that no other system can match, and whats more, it will develop these faster than anything else.

But this system is not just physical. Although the physical realm is one way in which the system is expressed, can be seen, and duplicated the system encourages and cultivates human spiritual and mental development throughout the process. As your body develops and improves in its abilities so too will your mind open to new levels of consciousness and thought. For example, as your flexibility increases you will be able to place a kick somewhere that was previously not within your range of motion. The simple knowledge of this option will change not only your ability to take down an opponent but how your mind thinks about how to take down an opponent, and this in turn will open more and more ideas of how to deal with physical confrontation.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity. Often times people who are new to the system pass it off because it seems too easy. What is happening here is that subconsciously they already understand the system without realizing it. This is why many people have come and gone. They think that they are not being taught anything. Usually this is because they are already smart enough and do not need to be taught, being that the entire system is based on common sense. It is logical. For these, it is not a matter of learning, it is simply a matter of persistence; to actually put in the necessary work to attain their perfect form and many do not possess the necessary strength of will to achieve this. However, for many it is not until this is pointed out or transformed into language through an explanation that this common reaction is illuminated.

On the other hand some people are in need of extensive instruction to learn and understand the system. Generally these people become some of the best students and teachers within the Calasanz system and family.

Most people, however, recognize the beauty and simplicity of the Calasanz system and become students within to see how far they can take it and just how far we can help them to progress towards their individual goals and ultimately, perfection. It should be said now that, for the average person, what is attainable through our system is only as limited as the student's desire to progress and their inner self-dedication as a practitioner towards their own personal development.

We are not talking about a “get-ripped quick” program, although by following this system you will indeed see fantastic results quickly if the proper time and effort are applied. We are talking about a system to follow for the long term that will give you a body you didn't think was attainable. But don't take our word for it. Go to our website, read some of our testimonials. Go to youtube, watch some of our videos. You will see for yourself the bodies that Calasanz has created and the ability he himself has achieved through his own body development system. 

It is this system that we now share with you and with the world.

Happy Practicing!