Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Education vs. Motivation

"Education is received extrinsically,
                              Motivation comes from within."

When it comes to training anything with any degree of seriousness it is necessary to take the time to become educated on the topics involved.  And in order to see that training develop into any degree of competence a certain amount of motivation must be in play.

We take an example of say... someone training to become a helicopter pilot.  In learning how to fly a helicopter one does not simply jump into the cockpit and start randomly toggling the controls expecting the thing to take off (although this may occur for an exceptionally lucky individual).  There is classroom study, independent study, a general understanding and knowledge base that must be absorbed and retained, at least on a rudimentary level, prior to a successful flight.  There are flight simulation exercises, practice programs and a great number of training tools utilized by the student in order to earn the receipt of his flight license proper.

As a general statement education is important and incredibly helpful prior to becoming proficient in any new skill, hobby, or activity.  As purveyors of a completely unique fitness program and body development system our first job is to educate the user to the best of our ability about how to really use the system and of course about common peaks and pitfalls.  When someone really learns a technique or exercise and becomes educated about it, that education will serve them for the rest of their life.

 Motivation on the other hand is equally as important, but plays another role.  An art student for example could read and learn about every brush technique known to man but without the motivation to pick up the brush and begin experimenting with and experiencing these techniques first hand his artistry only lies latent within.  This is where motivation enters.  Motivation can occur from any number of influences: a family member, a friend, a character, an athlete, a quote, a conversation, even... yourself.  Yes, indeed you are the most powerful tool you have to motivate yourself.  Yet many still struggle with taking action remaining content in lethargy or shackled by grandiose inertia.  This occurs on a widespread basis usually spawning from a lack of self-confidence or no desire for self-achievement / progress.  To those : BREAK OUT AND DO SOMETHING!  You will more than likely be pleasantly surprised.

Our approach is to take primarily an educational role.  As we continue and develop into what we are becoming one of our goals is to plant a seed.  This seed may flourish if nurtured properly and indeed can grow rapidly beyond belief.  Or this seed may lie dormant within forever.  As we release our system locally to our attending students and outward to the corners of the globe digitally we hope to provide enough information for anyone to become super human and to give them the means to educate themselves thoroughly enough to spark the necessary confidence in individuals to act and let their gains and their progress motivate them intrinsically.

As a learned pupil you will have all the means necessary to achieve your personal goals the only things left are easy, dedication and practice.  (I always think of the old Nike addage "Just Do It!")