Monday, April 13, 2015

Simplicity is King

Calasanz Martial Arts Center has been in Norwalk for over 3 decades.  When you set out to get started learning a martial art either for sport or for recreation you have to ask yourself why it is you would go to any particular school.

Let me be honest here.  No matter what school you go to your first visit to a school / gym / dojo is going to be exciting and you're going to be very excited to get started.  There is something inside every person that is awakened when you bear witness to and experience these different activities.  You automatically can think to yourself, "Wow, I can do that!"  or perhaps more inquisitively you might ask yourself "That looks so easy, why don't I do that?"  and let me tell you, it is very simple.  It is no secret as to how or why people are capable of what they do.  It is just a matter of setting the mind to do it and going to do it.  Even if you start out with very little skill keep in mind that everyone crawls before they walk and walks before they run.  The only difference between those who can and those who can't is action.  It is not so difficult to understand what makes someone great at what they do.  It is, simply put, a matter of continued discipline, dedication and revision.

What makes our approach so effective and the reason why our school has been able to remain here is because of the simplicity and the approach we take to training.  Come to Calasanz to take something home with you.  Train to beat the competitor without competing.  Learn the basics.  Keep your training simple.  Calasanz has been teaching and working with people and within the martial arts exclusively for decades and his skill and knowledge cannot be denied.  If you want to come somewhere to learn something right this is the place.  It is somewhere you will learn about yourself and you will learn the methods to improving your coordination, flexibility, power, grounding and technique developed by Calasanz over his career.

Countless people have come through to learn something here and left with something they will remember forever.  Fledgling athletes improving their balance and coordination come to excel in their sport after training here for periods as short as 2 months.  Great athletes even come here to improve and to become dominant on the field and court.  Martial Artists come here to improve their fighting skill and broaden their horizons becoming well balanced and more open.  There is something for you here no matter what you're looking for.

So when you want to learn how to kick, when you want to get into kickboxing for example, when you want to try something new and branch out to a new style of martial art, this is your school.  You can learn it all here.  We have trainers who teach Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, BJJ, Fitness and Self Defense.  There are countless avenues to take with your training all ready to be taken.  Take the first step and call or email to schedule a free trial or just stop by during business hours.  We are open 7 days a week!
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