Friday, March 27, 2015

Not Wrong | Just Different

The best martial artists are those with open minds.  While every person has a style that speaks to them it is hard to be respected as a person or martial artist if there is not acceptance of others' ways and an openness to learning new approaches and methods.

It is commendable and demanding of respect when a person decides to dedicate themselves to a specific art and work within that sect of the martial arts community.  Yet it is deplorable when this same person scoffs and sneers at others efforts within a different sect.

While it is no doubt true that certain styles or approaches are more effective there is still validity within the practice of those so-called "less effective" styles.  Each person must decide for themselves why it is they practice.  After all, Bruce Lee did say that in the end all knowledge is self knowledge, including knowledge of martial arts.  Upon continued dedication the practitioner learns about himself in ways of which he was previously ignorant.  For example you will learn by taking just one kickboxing class how flexible / inflexible you are.

Getting back on point, when it comes to the different approaches, styles and training methods of different martial arts it is of course still another thing all together to come to blows and to fight.  That is to say that there can be a big difference between what you train for and the way a fight can go, especially out in the real world where there are any number of objects within the environment let alone the possibility of concealed weapons or firearms.

Now I could go on and say how useless it is for someone to spend their life learning empty hand forms and that they should instead take krav maga or Aikido to learn about disarming and control through joint manipulation.  But it would be against common sense to say that it is useless to learn a form.  For it has its own beauty and use there within.  Discipline, control, learning body mechanics through movement and developing strength, power, flexibility and muscle memory of technique and perhaps the public performance of this form would even inspire others to seek out and enjoy the world of martial arts.

So what is the best and most effective martial art?  It is a trick question.  First you must ask yourself, "What is my goal through practice?"  From there you poke around and decide which art is a good fit for you.  Take note now as well and don't let yourself get brainwashed as so many do within their own space.  The first martial art you dive into will forever be a large part of your life but don't let it weigh you down or cloud your mind when branching out to something new or conversing with someone with background in a different style.  There is much to be learned but it is difficult for that learning to occur through closed doors.

Take your knowledge from school to school always filling your cup more and more.  Remember what you learn and be open to receiving more and more.  Again, when two martial artists meet it is not that there is one wrong and one right.  They are simply different and it is through appreciation and acceptance of this difference that both can learn and grow.

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Beauty of Style

Before we go on and talk about styles, what is the best or worst out there it is important to understand what is real.  What is pretty.  What is the best.  And why.  But above all it is important understand what is style, beauty, and reality.

The martial arts, fitness, and boxing can all be compiled into one.  But still the only way you can succeed in your goals is by carrying on through a formula which will become the center point of a system or style.

Bruce Lee, Larry Homes, Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Holyfield and many others like the Sugar Ray Lenoard, Tommy Herns, Macho Camacho, Roberto Duran, Oscar Dela Hoya all become what they are by bringing something unique to what they did.

These fighters could not bring it all, but they brought a lot.  The Calasanz system is the most well balanced system in the world by incorporating it all.  It has the beauty of kung fu, the brutality of karate, the grace of boxing, the endurance of muay thai and the effectiveness of a reality based style.  You can answer the question yourself as this truth by following youtube and the vast video archives available documenting the well-roundedness of Calasanz and his system.

Again, all of these people are inspirations to me and to many others out there.  The Calasanz system is here to stay, it is not something that will vanish or disappear after the main person is gone.  It will stay, because we did and we have what it takes for this system or style to stay, all based on letting a formula and this formula must be simple.  And it is simple.

All the fame, skill, character and personality comes from one thing.  Knowing yourself.  By understanding why you are being seen by an audience and captivating them.

You are good, but still you can be better.  Sugar Ray said that when you shadow box look in the mirror.  Love the mirror.  The meaning is to know what you are doing, to know what you show the audience in your punch and being able to show the beauty of it.

Practice your moves not just to make them better or correct them, but to make them real.  Make them effective.  Make them prettier and prettier.  As you look at mirror to see how they look understand what it is you portray.  All of this comes by starting with that great foundation and then they become great.

Don’t let a gift that was given to you from birth, that natural skill you've been born with be taken from you.  Control your skill.  Be smart.  You can be yourself or you can let others manage you until you can comprehend who you are.

Myself I could not let anybody be in charge of me for very long.  When I did it was nearly disaster.  But I came out of it.  I remembered and took charge and responsibility for who I was.  I decided to work my hardest so as not to let the skill knowledge and reality be lost.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How Much Do You Want to Learn?

Would you like to approach your training in a multifaceted way by learning the Calasanz System Combined? Depending on your learning ability and experience this could be better for you. Or would you prefer to learn something in a more specific capacity? Such as: Boxing, Karate (Goju Ryu), Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chinise Boxng, Recreational Boxing, Cheng Chuang Long Fist, or Pau Fa-Yoga.

Regardless of what you choose to study or how you decide to approach your own training we always give as the core of our training and the #1 method that is unique to our training and our school, Physical Art. This is a unique and all inclusive approach to elite fitness ability and training designed to improve the body in a multitude of aspects through the movements and exercises. Physical Art has proven effective in improving balance, breathing, coordination, strength, power, grounding and flexibility. It is what makes our school unique. All of our students regardless of their program learn to some degree these methods of training. Improve your ability on all levels and reap the benefits of an all inclusive exercise regimen.

He was born with a gift all based on the logical understanding of the human body, that is based on the core, the power of the core and movements all used for their different purposes.

How much do you want to work out? It is very important to understand that Calasanz as a trainer teaches you how to work out, and how to do it smart. Come to Calasanz because you want to take something home with you. This is a place of 15,000 square feet. We have a huge space for people to come train whatever they choose. We welcome all styles and schools of training. Come here to learn something, to be yourself and most of all to take something home with you!

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