Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It’s Never Too Late: Training At Any Age with the Calasanz System

We used to say at all time, "Make sure that you learn how to fight standing first and then go to learn the ground."  But today that is not necessarily the way people do it.  You can be a Gracie who is very good on the ground and then later devote yourself to mastering stand up fighting.  Calasanz said all the time immediately after he saw the Gracie’s winning all the fights on the ground.  He just said, "What will happen when some of the strikers come along?"  They came along very fast and today the Gracies have been forced to stress on becoming strikers too.  

He taught his students the importance of a well-developed and natural power.  He repeats this phrase at all time, "Don't go to the ground but if you do you will fight on the ground, that was why Calasanz spent a lot of time teaching rolling, falling, grounding, but also in the early 80's he experienced CHI SAU which is the main part of fighting under the wing chun system, at this time he said doing CHI SAU standing is as good as doing CHI SAU on the ground, but still it requires a lot of hard work, unless you are born with a gift for the martial arts, or have some natural skill and ability.  Today Calasanz says he is one of the first to really see what is the meaning of being a well balanced martial artist and that is almost 75% of MMA today.

I remember this guy, Daniel, who came from Georgia.  He was recommended by this boxer, Vito, who knew Calasanz very well and in fact fought Calasanz when he was close to 190 and Calasanz was only 145 pounds.  Vito was considered one of the most promising boxers in Norwalk.  He was a very tough guy.  The day that he fought Calasanz all his coaches were there saying how Vito is going Pro but things did not go too well for him.  After the fight he went and got married and decided to have kids.  Meaning he did not pursue a career in boxing afterwards.  Calasanz describes Vito as a very tough boxer and one of Calasanz best friends.  Anyway, he brought Daniel from Georgia, who was training and fighting for the Gracie’s.  Vito said, there is not a better striker than Calasanz because he knew Calasanz very well, so again, he sent Daniel go and train with him.  For Calasanz it was a pleasure to meet this young promising fighter who someday I believe that he will be very good, he took just one week of training in Connecticut with Calasanz, the idea of Vito was, if you want to strike hard and be super strong, but above all do it fast then go to Calasanz in Norwalk CT.  It takes Calasanz 2 to 4 weeks to increase 25 to 35% of natural striking power in a fighter of any level.

Again I have seen already over 20 ideas where exercises and equipment / techniques have been used and Calasanz knows that probably 95% of the idea came from people watching him demonstrating his ability since the early 80's.  There is no doubt in Calasanz mind that he is a performer and a real fighter.  Anybody wanting to know more can read a brochure of Calasanz a life time of lessons.
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